Spectrum Mill - MS Product

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Peptide Sequence
Use CAPITAL letters for unmodified amino acids or those with Fixed Modifications.
Use lower case letters for amino acids to indicate a Variable Modification (eg. KCmqYQ).
Use 'u' for the user-specified aminio acid (see below).
Use 'o' for Homoserine Lactone.
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Product Ion Types
(some types require presence of specific AA's in ion)
AA composition ions N-terminus sequence ions C-terminus sequence ions Internal
product ions
sequencing ions
Satellite sequence ions
( side-chain loss )
Neutral-loss sequence ions Peeling sequence ions

S, T

R, K, Q

s, t
( S, T + PO4)

( M + Ox)

R, H, K
User-specified AA elemental composition (u):
C: H: N: O: S: P: ( Default is Gly )