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MS/MS Spectral Feature Filtering
Precursor MH+ to Da
Scan time range: to min
Sequence tag length  > (For MALDI: Set tag length to -1 and merge secs to total run time.)
Ignore spectra with dissociation mode: , , , ,
Merge nearby MSn scans with same precursor m/z
Retention time & m/z tolerance:    +/- secs    +/- m/z
(also used for calculating chromatographic peak area of precursor in MS scans)
(m/z tolerance ignored for high-resolution MS1, dynamically determined based on resolution)
General MS/MS Merging Constraints:
Specialty MS/MS Merging Options:
  Same resolution:
  Different resolution:
Merge MS2 and MS3 spectra from same precursor:
Min S/N:
Time segment for averaging MS scans: secs
Background subtraction:
from: to: min
min of scan time range
Precursor m/z & Charge Assignment
Centroiding algorithm for profile mode data:
Precursor Charge: Force (z): thru Maximum (z): Minimum MS1 S/N:
MS Noise threshold: counts (only applies to Agilent Q-TOF)