Spectrum Mill - Archive Data

Archive Data
Archive Parameters
Instrument created files Spectrum Mill search result files (prior to SM v6.0) Spectrum Mill spectral files (prior to SM v4.01) Spectrum Mill data directories

  • Creates a placeholder file for each raw data file, then deletes the raw data files.
  • Afterwards, the previously extracted data may be searched and summarized, but the raw data files cannot be re-extracted.
  • After zipping to create spo.zip deletes results_mstag/*.spo.
  • After unzipping to create results_mstag/*.spo deletes spo.zip.
  • After zipping to create spo.txt.zip deletes results_mstag/*.spo.txt.
  • After unzipping to create results_mstag/*.spo.txt deletes spo.txt.zip.
  • Zipping prevents further searching and spectral visualization.
  • After zipping to create pkl.zip deletes cpick_in/*.pkl.
  • After unzipping to create cpick_in/*.pkl deletes pkl.zip.
  • Zipping prevents further use in SM.
  • After zipping to create dataDir.zip deletes dataDir/*.*.
Data Directories
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